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Application period for support: 5th of April to 18th of April 2021


The support is meant for players who are motivated and whose family has difficulties to manage the payments.

Every player who is making payments towards FC Honka´s monthly fee is entitled to apply for the discount.

Here are the criteria for receiving the discount:

  • Family´s economical situation: income, expenses, the need of financial support
  • Family´s life situation: number of children, unemployment, number of adults in the family, health, other hobbies
  • If the need for support is temporary or prolonged
  • The motivation and regularity of practicing 

The support will be granted for no more than one term at the time. The amount of support depends on the number of applicants and the economic situation of FC Honka´s fund. It will primarily be granted for underage players.

One can only apply the support for the coming payments.

FC Honka´s board has named an operating committee who will make the decisions about the reliefs.

A member of the committee can ask for additional information from the applicant if necessary and will inform the applicant directly of the decision.

The family is obligated to inform the committee if the support is no longer needed ( If the player stops playing with FC Honka the support will not be issued any longer.

Application form should be delivered by email to or by post to Urheilupuistontie 2, 02200 Espoo. The application period is from 5th of April to 18th of April 2021. In special cases, the support can be granted outside the application period.

We recommend using encrypted email if the application is sent via email. The application form has been sent to members via email.

If you need any additional information, please contact the office: or 020 730 4651.

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