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Coronavirus guidelines for players


(There is no new information in this bulletin for yesterday’s bulletin, which was sent in Finnish)

In its negotiations on Thursday 12 March, the Finnish Government discussed the coronavirus outbreak and decided on recommendations and preparedness measures. To reduce the spread of infection, non-essential activities, such as close contact in recreational activities and other leisure time, must also be restricted. This is particularly important for protecting those at risk.

How does the situation affect the way FC Honka procedures?

There has been some changes due to coronavirus situation:

  • FC Honka teams will not exercise or play games during 13.3.-31.3.2020
  • Team coaches will instruct players to practice on their own.
  • Traveling abroad for tournaments or games is currently not recommended.
  • A break until the end of March will have no impact on the operating fees already charged.

The situation is constantly monitored and the guidelines are updated as the situation and official instructions so require. We currently have a lot of inquiries and contacts on the subject, and we are unable to respond to everyone personally. The club communicates this topic directly to the members.

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