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For a new player

Welcome to FC Honka!

FC Honka is a community from the youngest children to special group members and the most successful professionals. Competitive sports and hobbies are combined with a goal-oriented approach to the continuous development of players. In FC Honka we support and appreciate each other. We are Honka!

The team and its staff

A team leader is the person from whom you can inquire about matters related to your team’s procedures. The team treasurer is responsible for your team’s internal billing and finances. The team may also have other staff members, such as a guardian, equipment manager and team leader in charge of games.

Team officials are elected at the parent meeting. The parent meeting is the highest decision-making authority in a team, and it includes all the parents on the team. In adult teams, the team meeting has the highest decision-making power.

Team rules

The team operates in accordance with the team rules approved by the parent meeting. The team leader passes the rules to the new player.

Registration of a player in the myClub member register

The team leader registers a new player in the myClub member register. After receiving the activation link, the player or parent logs in to the system and accepts the registration of personal data. The parent or player must fill in the missing information in the register, such as the personal identification number (for the purchase of insurance in the childhood teams), information on the existence of the insurance (in youth teams) and information on the photographing permit. The personal data collected from the player, their purposes and the player’s rights in the processing of his personal data are set out in the FC Honka privacy statement, which is available on the club’s website (in Finnish). In myClub, you can see team events, team and club messages, and invoices.


By joining the club, the person undertakes to take care of paying the club and team bills. The club charges a monthly fee (“toimintamaksu”) from all players on the junior teams, all the way to the U20 teams and the N2 team, as well as a membership fee once a year from all the players in the club. The Board of FC Honka decides on the amount of payments annually for one operating period at a time. The operating and financial period is 1 November to 31 October.

The team may, by decision of the parent meeting, charge the team fee or other fees from the players.

Due to unpaid payments the club can terminate the membership. For payment challenges, the club’s invoices (monthly fee and membership fees) must be contacted at and for invoices made by the team with the team’s treasurer. FC Honka’s payment monitoring process is handled by Visma PPG.

When a player stops playing with FC Honka 

If a player in the youth teams stops playing in the club in the middle of the season, he or she is obliged to pay two-month monthly fees from the date of notification. If a player in the children´s team stops playing in the club in the middle of the season, he or she is obliged to pay a fee of one month from the date of notification. The player is entitled to participate in the activity as long as he or she pays the fees.

If the notice of quitting is received by the 10th of the month, that month is taken into account as one month of the obligation to pay.

Players leaving at the turn of the season, during October and November, will have no additional payment obligation.

Injuries and breaks

If a player is injured, the player must present a medical certificate to the head coach in order to receive payment exemptions. In case of injuries, the first month of absence is deductible and the following months are free of charge. For Academy teams, the head coach evaluates whether the player can participate in the team’s activities in part. If a player participates in part of the practice, he will be charged 50% of the club’s monthly fee during this period.

For other longer absences, exemptions are considered case by case.

Insurance and license 

FC Honka’s monthly fee includes insurance and a license in the children’s teams for the period 2020-2021. For insurance, the parent must register the player with SuomiSport.

Players in the youth teams, as well as players on adult teams, take care of the insurance and license themselves.

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