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Pohjola Football Insurance

Insurance, that covers competitive sports, is mandatory for all children and young players. For adults, insurance is mandatory or recommended depending on the level of the series.

For FC Honka’s child players, the club purchases OP Pohjola Football insurance, which is also recommended for all other players in the club. Youth and adult players need to buy the insurance themselves.

Insurance through OP Pohjola is related to the service and care chain, which is being built together with Pohjola Hospital.


The player or guardian needs to make a registration before FC Honka or the player can buy the insurance.

Registration is an action that the club or team leader cannot take on behalf of the insured. For the first time, registration in the register can only be handled by the player or his/her guardian (confirmation will be sent to his/her phone).

You only need to register once as a user of any sport.

1. Go to, choose the language and click Log in to SuomiSport.

2. To start creating your account or log in, enter your email address or phone number to which you can receive text messages. Parent of a minor child: use your own contact information. If you used your email address, you will receive a link in your email to continue creating your account. If you used your phone number, you will receive a login code via SMS, which you can enter to continue creating your account.

3. Enter the rest of the information needed to create an account and click Create Account. Guardian of a minor child: use your own information. Please remember to fill in your address information. Once the guardian has registered with SuomiSport, a child must be added separately, and the child’s ID should be saved in MyClub in the player’s data.

4. Once you’ve created your account, you’ll see your own profile. The sport ID displayed on your SuomiSport profile may be different from your old sport ID.

Child players:

The guardian registers with SuomiSport and creates his or her own profile there.

After registration, notify your own team leader that you have completed the registration.

The team leader will check, that all the information can be found in myClub. The club buys the insurance.

Insurance information will be displayed to players in their SuomiSport profile as an insurance card after purchase.

Youth and adult players:

Youth and adult players themselves make sure they have a valid insurance, that covers competitive sports. The club recommends OP Pohjola Football Insurance to all players.

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